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Compliance Guide Update Service December  2017

December 26, 2017


Environmental Protection Agency


Confidentiality Determination for Hazardous Waste Export and Import Documents.


FR 82 60894-60901 40 CFR Parts 260, 261 and 262




Summary:The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or the Agency) is amending existing regulations regarding the export and import of hazardous
wastes from and into the United States. Specifically, this rule applies a confidentiality determination such that no person can assert confidential business information (CBI) claims for documents related to the export, import, and transit of hazardous waste and export of excluded cathode ray tubes (CRTs). EPA is making these changes to apply a consistent approach in addressing confidentiality claims for export and import documentation. The rule will result in cost-savings and greater efficiency for EPA and the regulated community as well as facilitate transparency with respect to the documents that are within the scope

of this rulemaking. However, EPA is not finalizing the proposed internet posting requirement in the proposed rule.


DATES: The final rule is effective on June 30



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December 13, 2017


Department Of Transportation


Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


FR 82 58582-58583    49 CFR Part 174


Announcement of Department determination


Summary:Department of Transportation announced after careful review of the final updated Regulatory Impact Analysis and determined that the HM-251 Final Rule's electronically controlled pneumatic brake requirements are not economically justified. As the expected benefits do not exceed the expected costs, PHMSA and the Federal Railroad Administration will initiate  a rulemaking to rescind the necessary regulatory provisions.


DATES: December 13th, 2017



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