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Compliance Guide Update Service January  2018

January 3, 2018


Environmental Protection Agency


Hazardous Waste Management System: User Fees for the Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest System and Amendments to Manifest Regulations


FR 83 420-462  40 CFR Parts 260, 262,263,264,265 and 271




Summary:Agency (EPA or the Agency) is establishing by this regulation the methodology the Agency will use to determine and revise the user fees applicable to the electronic and paper manifests to be submitted to the national electronic manifest system (e-Manifest system) that EPA is developing under the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act. After the e-Manifest system’s implementation date, certain users of the hazardous waste manifest will be required to pay a prescribed fee for each electronic and paper manifest they use and submit to the national system so that EPA can recover the costs of developing and operating the national e-Manifest system. This final rule also announces the date when EPA expects the system to be operational and available to users. EPA will begin accepting manifest submissions and collecting the corresponding manifest submission fees on this date.


In addition, this action announces final decisions and regulations relating to several non-fee related matters that were included in the proposed rule. This includes modifying the existing regulations to: allow changes to the transporters designated on a manifest while the shipment is en route; describe how data corrections may be made to existing manifest records in the system; and amend the previous e-Manifest regulation (the One Year Rule) to allow the use, in certain instances, of a mixed

paper and electronic manifest to track a hazardous waste shipment.


DATES: The final rule is effective on June 30



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