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EPA/DOT Hazardous Waste Labels w/ Yellow Background

Federal Hazardous Waste Label


This label has a yellow background, and meets the same requirements as our original Hazardous Waste Label. But our new label gives you more room for the required Shipping Name, Hazard Class, ID Number, Waste Code and Constituent Information. The new hazardous waste label is available blank in orders of 100.

Federal Hazardous Waste Label

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Satellite Accumulation Label


The Hazardous Waste Labels I and II are designed to fit directly over the Satellite Accumulation Label. A generator may accumulate as much as 55 gallons of hazardous waste or one quart of acutely hazardous waste listed in 261.33(e) in containers at or near any point of generation where wastes initially accumulate, which is under the control of the operator of the process generating the waste, without a permit or interim status. Consult 40 CFR Section 262.34 (c)(1) and (2) to see if you can take advantage of the Satellite Accumulation.

Satellite Accumulation Label

Hazardous Waste Accumulation Label


Generators of hazardous waste must mark hazardous waste

containers with the words Hazardous Waste and the date the

accumulation begins.  This 5" x 31⁄2" label will ensure that

your hazardous waste meets the requirements.


Non-Hazardous Waste Label

Universal Waste Accumulation Labels


Store Waste on-Site longer

Under 40 CFR 273.14, .15, .34, and .35 generators of Universal

Wastes are permitted to accumulate and store certain wastes for

longer periods of time. However, they must be marked correctly.

Using one of the new Universal Waste labels is the best way to

take advantage of these regulations. These labels are 4" x 4".


Universal Wast Batteries Accumulation Labels

Universal Waste Lamps Accumulation Labels

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DOT Limited Quantity Marks


Hazmat shippers can save time and money by shipping with the NEW limited quantity mark for ground shipments. Limited quantity exceptions allow for savings on shipping papers (none required), specification containers, training, shipping costs, and time.


Even though limited quantity air shipments require a Shipper’s Declaration (hazmat shipping paper for air) and proper shipping name/ID # markings on packagings, air shippers can still realize savings on containers and training costs by using the limited quantity mark for air (with the letter "y"). This mark easily indicates that the shipment has been prepared under the limited quantity exceptions in the air mode.





DOT Limited Quantity Marks

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